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Enabling responsible Privileged Access Management: A HelpSystems Discussion with Enterprise Management Associates

UNIX, Linux, AIX
November 6, 2018

Join Steve Brasen, Research Director with leading analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and David Dingwall, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist with HelpSystems, for an informative discussion on Privileged Access Management (PAM). Leveraging recently released primary research, Steve and David will touch on the risks of privileged user mismanagement, as well as the requirements for enabling a responsible approach to PAM.

With 76% percent of survey organizations reporting that a violation of privileged access policies had occurred in the preceding 12 months, it’s more important than ever to protect your security environment. This presentation will provide actionable guidance to any organization needing to empower users with elevated privileges while still meeting business requirements for security and compliance. Topics of discussion include:

• Establishing visibility of privileged user activities 
• Limiting privileged access to just the resources and activities that are required 
• Ensuring users are granted privileged access only for as long as they actually need it 
• Enabling accountability for privileged access use 
• Meeting SLA and regulatory compliance 
• Simplifying management and reducing the costs for enabling privileged access


After hearing from these two experts, take a deep dive into PAM best practices by exploring EMA’s research report for yourself. With 93% percent of respondents stating that their adoption of PAM practices resulted in at least some quantifiable cost savings to their organization, this report can be the guide for significant savings and security benefits for your organization.

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