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Eliminate the Most Common Cause of a Data Breach with Multi-Factor Authentication

October 15, 2020


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) protects you from the most common cause of a data breach: compromised user credentials. 

That compromise can originate from user carelessness, or from or from password interception by a hacker-installed key logger, or via a data breach at an unrelated information provider, where the user reused their password for the sake of convenience.  

MFA gives you the power to eliminate these vulnerabilities. 

This fact is not lost on regulatory bodies like PCI, who are painfully aware of risks associated with single-factor authentication.  

In this webinar, security expert Sandi Moore explains why more and more IBM i organizations are implementing MFA. She discusses:

  • Authentication factors, such as hardware tokens, SMS messages, smartphone apps, and biometrics 
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each factor type 
  • How to deploy MFA across your IBM i environment 

Sandi also introduces an IBM i solution that provides access from multiple entry points, including green screen and desktop, and reports on all access attempts.

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