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The "Easy" Button for Provisioning IBM i Users



Do my system users have more authority than necessary? How can existing profiles quickly be brought into compliance?

These are questions that every system administrator and security officer asks at one time or another. Provisioning new user profiles with appropriate authorities is a challenging task—especially when doing so over multiple systems or with a large number of users.

It’s time consuming and, if done incorrectly, user provisioning can lead to potential security and compliance violations.

Watch this recorded webinar to understand:

  • The risks associated with special authorities
  • The amount of authority a user really needs
  • The mechanisms available for determining who possesses special authority
  • How Powertech Identity Manager for IBM i can quickly create and maintain profiles
  • How Powertech Identity Manager for IBM i can bring existing profiles into compliance
  • How Powertech Identity Manager for IBM i integrates with the Active Directory to eliminate repetitive processes


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