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Don’t Just Settle for Query/400…

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There’s a better way to run your queries. With an advanced query tool like Sequel Data Access, you can deliver the IBM i data your organization needs quickly and efficiently—without the hang-ups.

In this session, we’ll address common frustrations with Query/400, discuss major data access and distribution trends, and help you understand what to look for in a more advanced query tool.

Plus, you’ll learn how a tool like Sequel lightens IT’s load by:

  • Accessing real-time data, so you can make real-time decisions
  • Providing run-time prompts, so users can help themselves
  • Delivering instant results in Microsoft Excel and PDF, without the wait
  • Automating the query process with on-demand data, dashboards, and scheduled jobs

Watch the webinar and learn why you shouldn’t just settle for Query/400.

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