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External vs. Internal Storage: Which Is Right for Me?

Examining the trend toward SAN technology for IBM i


Over the last five years, the adoption of storage area networks or SAN technology for IBM i has increased by 15%.

This begs the question: how do you evaluate whether external storage is right for your IBM i on Power environment?

Watch this webinar where our panel of technology experts discuss the reasons why many organizations are taking advantage of SAN technology for virtualization, high availability, backup management, and more.

We’ll share stories of successful SAN storage implementations—along with some that didn’t go so well. You’ll learn the most important things to consider while doing your SAN due diligence, including:

  • Performance and space
  • Virtualization and elasticity
  • System availability and backups
  • Cost

We’ll also demonstrate how you can analyze the before and after performance results using Performance Navigator for IBM i, as well as how to use Robot Monitor to monitor the health of your Power environment and storage availability in real time.

Make the right storage decision for your IBM i environment—watch now!


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