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Does External Storage Make Sense for IBM i?

Examining the trend toward storage area networks or SAN technology for IBM i
February 27, 2018


Over the last four years, the adoption of storage area networks or SAN technology for IBM i has increased by 11%. This begs the question: what benefits does external storage bring to Power servers, which have stuck to internal storage in the past?

Watch this recorded webinar to hear data storage technology expert Josh Sargent examine why IBM i shops are turning to external storage.

You’ll learn how SAN technology enables FlashCopy, PowerHA, live partition mobility (LPM), and virtualization. Josh also shares stories from his years of helping organizations implement SAN storage, including:

  • Why IBM i shops have been slow to adopt external storage
  • Which SAN benefits have the biggest payback
  • Where SAN and VIOS work together for virtualization

You’ll also see a live demonstration of Robot Monitor for real-time monitoring of IBM i and VIOS (AIX) health and storage availability.

Watch now and learn how SAN can revolutionize your IBM i environment!

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