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Disaster-Proof Your IBM i Data

Learn the essentials to address today’s top backup and recovery concerns


Ever wonder if introducing virtual tape libraries (VTL) or high availability (HA) technology into your IBM i environment is the right move? You’re not alone.

Debbie Saugen knows every backup and recovery strategy in the book—and she’s seen every shortcut, from inadequate planning to improper tools for the task at hand.

During this recorded webinar, Debbie shares true stories from her many experiences helping companies test their disaster recovery plans and recover their systems after a disaster. Debbie will discuss:

  • Essentials of a good backup on IBM i
  • Current backup technologies available
  • Best practice recovery strategies
  • High availability and RPO/RTO targets

Tom Huntington also joins Debbie to introduce the new business continuity services and high availability software available from HelpSystems.

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Downtime comes in many forms and it doesn’t take a full-on disaster to destroy your data. This guide shows you what you need in order to build a strong recovery strategy that your business can really rely on.

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