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Did My IBM i Just Shut Down the Shop Floor?

How high availability impacts manufacturers and distributors
February 13, 2018


Manufacturing and distributing products to the market often relies heavily on IBM i server data, which updates inventory and other controls throughout complex processes. In this arena, continuity is king—especially since delays or stoppages on the shop floor or in shipping can incur serious penalties.

IT teams in these industries cannot afford to be out of line; they must provide high availability for their critical and integrated business processes.

IT pros in manufacturing and distribution are well-represented in the annual IBM i Marketplace Survey. For four years running, they’ve ranked HA/DR among their top three IT concerns. In this recorded webinar, industry experts explore the special implications surrounding HA for these business sectors, including:

  • The high-level process in manufacturing
  • The high-level process in distribution
  • How these processes typically tie into IBM i
  • How Robot HA can provide data replication for high availability

There are no do-overs when it comes to your data. Once it’s gone, it’s gone...unless you have a data replication layer in place to protect it. Learn the value of these strategic solutions and how you can implement them in a hurry—watch now!

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