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Delivering Reports Has Never Been Easier

IBM i, Windows
Discover faster report delivery
March 11, 2016


Despite modern technology, too many businesses are still manually generating, collating, printing, and sending month-end reports and documents. If you’re slaying trees every month to print reports and documents—and forcing employees to stuff said reports and documents into envelopes for mailing—then it’s time to rethink your process.

In this webinar, Richard Schoen, Director of Document Management, and Greg Schmidt, Senior Technical Solutions Consultant, discuss how easy it is to automate your report and document delivery processes—and achieve instantaneous ROI.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Burst and deliver reports across platforms
  • Automatically deliver documents
  • Integrate with ERP systems
  • Convert reports to Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, etc.
  • And more!

Our experts will demonstrate how implementing automated report and document delivery will eliminate paper, reduce costs, and streamline your organization’s report and document management efforts. 


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