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Database 101 on IBM i

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How well do you know your IBM i? Did you know you can use it to access databases?

The IBM i (previously known as AS/400, iSeries) is an extremely complex integrated system that comes with all of the necessary hardware, software, database structure, security, and other components right out of the box. Even though it’s a turn-key system, many IBM i users struggle to understand its capabilities. For instance, they may use it to run programs or access reports, but they may not understand how to build, access, and secure their data.

In this recorded webinar, we cover basic IBM i concepts—including the features that make it the most reliable database on the market—and discuss how users can leverage the full potential of IBM i, including:

  • DB2 for IBM i
  • Object types (libraries, files, members, etc.)
  • Common IBM i commands
  • Securing your data
  • Tracking File Changes
  • Accessing and distributing data
  • How to update data (several options)

By the end of the hour, you’ll understand your IBM i and you’ll know how to use it to build, access, and secure your data with ease!


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