Manage IBM i Privileged Users
On-Demand Webinar

44 Percent of Your IBM i Users Can Do WHAT?!

Find out how your greatest asset could also be an IBM i security risk


A disturbing number of IBM i users can take action that would cause your CEO’s blood to boil, according the annual State of IBM i Security Study.

Power users might need access to restricted objects and commands some of the time, they rarely need that level of access 24 hours a day, and accountability is essential.

In this webinar, IBM i security expert Robin Tatam will explain the scope of the problem and how you can correct this vulnerability on your systems before any damage is done. He’ll also introduce an automated solution that balances your organization’s need for security and efficiency.

Accountability for Your Powerful Users

See how Authority Broker for IBM i can help you monitor and conrol privileged user activities on IBM i—without impeding productivity.

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