Which Cloud Infrastructure Technologies for IBM i Should I Use?
On-Demand Webinar

Cloud Infrastructure Technologies for IBM i

Demystifying the ways VIOS, PowerVM, and SAN storage bring IBM i to the cloud
August 15, 2017


It seems like every time you turn around you hear how cloud technologies are revolutionizing the options you have in the data center. But what really matters for IBM i environments?

In this recorded webinar, Keith Zblewski (Meridian IT) examines the roles that virtualization, PowerVM, VIOS, live partition mobility, and SAN storage can play in creating a cloud infrastructure for your IBM i.

Based on many years of experience helping companies choose and implement these cloud technologies, Keith shares his knowledge about:

  • Why they’re so popular
  • Which questions to ask when reviewing them
  • How they help reduce risk in a highly available world
  • How they strengthen the role of IBM i at your organization

You’ll also learn about Robot Monitor for real-time application, performance, and system monitoring of IBM i and VIOS.

Watch now to learn how you can bring cloud to your IBM i infrastructure!

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