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The Business Intelligence Boom

Why it’s important to bring IBM i business analytics up to par in 2020


Did you know? Gartner predicts that worldwide spending on data analytics software alone is expected to exceed $104 billion in 2022. Add in data and analytics services and we’re looking at a $370 billion industry over the next couple years.

So, what is driving organizations of all sizes to step up their BI investment in 2020?

One of the top 10 strategic technology trends that Gartner has identified for 2020 is data democratization. What we’re talking about here is the growing adoption of tools that can simplify the experience for IT teams while empowering business users to find and understand data on their own.

Don’t miss this webinar where our business intelligence experts help you parse through BI trends by putting them into context with what we’re seeing in the IBM i community. You’ll learn:

  • 3 risks of overreliance on backward-compatible technology
  • 4 quick wins with a modern data access tool
  • 6 tips to get your BI project off the ground

There’s no doubt that BI adoption is on the rise. And it’s time to modernize. Make 2020 the year you finally see your data clearly, quickly, and securely.

Watch to find out how!

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