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How to Use BI for Better Invoicing on IBM i

How Meissner Mfg. (Unicel) uses Sequel to streamline accounts receivable


Just because you’re a small to mid-sized IBM i shop doesn’t mean business is simple. Specialized payment terms and staffers wearing multiple hats can make it hard to stay on top of overdue invoices.  

When Meissner Mfg. Co., Inc (doing business as Unicel) needed a way to augment HarrisData and improve their accounts receivable processes, they turned to Sequel business intelligence software and have been thrilled with its impact.

Tune in to this 30-minute webinar to hear Terry Nielson, credit and collections manager at Meissner Mfg., share his success story. You’ll learn how Terry used Sequel to:

  • Save 100+ hours of manual report-building per month
  • Develop several personalized accounting reports to fit unique payment terms
  • Automate customer statements and increase the speed of invoice payment

“I can tailor whatever information I need out of our database. And so that’s why Sequel is so integral for us,” says Terry. “I could pull any piece of data I want out and I can actually have my views in the format I needed.”

Watch to see if Sequel can do the same for you!

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