On-Demand Webinar

Better Background Job Scheduling for SAP Tasks

May 4, 2017


Still using the CCMS scheduler to schedule your SAP jobs? Automate Schedule has a better way.

Watch the webinar for a demonstration of how to use Automate Schedule to increase the number of start conditions available for scheduling your SAP tasks. Using Automate Schedule, you can schedule background jobs in SAP to react to events outside of SAP like a file arrival or a job completing in another application, such as a Microsoft SQL procedure. Using Automate Schedule allows you to integrate your SAP tasks with tasks running on other servers or platforms across your organization.

In this webinar we take you through the steps to:

  1. Create an SAP job that runs every day
  2. Schedule the job to react to the arrival of a new file from an FTP server
  3. Move the new file to a data warehouse server
  4. Notify the help desk if the job is delayed or if there are errors
  5. Forecast the jobs that are scheduled to run next weekend when you have server maintenance scheduled


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