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Best Practices for 21st Century Data Modernization



Make your data handling more organic, agile, and powerful

Business data is growing in size, complexity and importance. Gone are the days of simple files and relational databases. Modern business intelligence (BI) systems include data warehousing, realtime collection and analysis, event correlation, and completely new visualization methods. Failure to achieve this level of data sophistication means failure to thrive as an enterprise.

In this webcast, expert IT Technologist Mel Beckman explores the key aspects of modernizing your data handling to make it more organic, agile, and powerful. You’ll learn the following:

  • Key trends that data modernization aims to address
  • How to deal with growing data volume and protect it effectively
  • Steps to create a tiered storage infrastructure to accommodate priorities
  • Analytic methods for extracting meaningful results for information workers
  • New visualization techniques that make data more transparent and accessible

Geared specifically for IBM i technologists, this information will put you on track to meet, and even exceed, 21st century data modernization requirements.

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