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From Awareness to Action: an IBM i Security Panel Discussion

October 23, 2018


October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month—a time to take stock of what you’re doing to protect your organization’s mission-critical data and systems.

While most in the IT world are plenty aware of cybersecurity, staying on top of the latest trends and threats can be tough, especially for IBM i pros. You have a to-do list a mile long and security rarely bubbles to the top—unless and until something catastrophic happens.

While IBM i is one of the most securable platforms, the annual State of IBM i Security Study shows that many organizations are not taking the action necessary to adequately protect themselves from a data breach.

In this recorded webinar, some of the best IBM i security minds in the world joined forces for a lively discussion. This session is geared to help you get from awareness of cybersecurity to active, concrete steps toward strengthening your IBM i security posture. Security experts Carol Woodbury, Robin Tatam, Pat Botz, and Sandi Moore cover:

  • IBM i security first steps: from educating yourself to uncovering vulnerabilities
  • Obtaining executive sponsorship for IBM i security projects
  • What to do if you no time for cybersecurity
  • The value of investing in cybersecurity
  • How the latest IT trends relate to IBM i

You don’t want to miss this discussion!

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