On-Demand Webinar

An Automated Recovery Plan Auditors Will Love

Recovering your IBM i data is easy with Robot Save


Boom. Disaster strikes. Now, it’s up to you to find the tape volume that contains the lost data and restore it quickly to the correct location—no small task when auditors are breathing down your neck for documentation on your recovery procedures and evidence that your backup ran properly.

Robot Save can make your life easier when it comes to recovering your data. Watch this webinar and discover the features of Robot Save that you and your auditors will love, including:

  • Automatically generated system recovery procedures
  • Audit reports listing what was or was not saved
  • Tape integrity for all IBM i systems in the data center
  • Finding and restoring a single object, directory, or library
  • Technical support dedicated to ensuring the accuracy of your configuration

This webinar includes a live demo of Robot Save backup and recovery automation software, highlighting its online database of your backups, step-by-step restoration procedures, and reports that any staff member can use. If you're an IT professional looking for a complete backup and recovery package that provides full tape management functions for IBM i servers and supports a centralized scratch pool for all IBM i systems and partitions, don't miss this webinar!

Recovery Without Disaster

Downtime comes in many forms and it doesn’t take a full-on disaster to destroy your data. This guide shows you what you need in order to build a strong recovery strategy that your business can really rely on.

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