Automate Microsoft Applications: Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, and More

On-Demand Webinar

Automate Microsoft Applications: Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, and More

January 30, 2018


Does your business rely on Microsoft applications like Office 365 software to generate, process, manage or deliver spreadsheets, correspondence, and other business-related documents? Think of the hours you could save across your entire company if many of these tasks could be completed without manual intervention.

Watch the webinar to learn how to use software robots to perform some of the boring and repetitive Microsoft application work normally done by you or your team. It’s time to eliminate mind-numbing Microsoft software tasks and spend more time on strategic objectives. 

In the video, we talk about ways to:

  • Integrate and automate Excel file processing
  • Generate and distribute Word documents
  • Sync files with OneDrive
  • Access documents and data via SharePoint
  • Create new users via Active Directory
  • Reset user passwords automatically
  • And more

Webinar Sample Tasks

This webinar comes with downloadable samples. Click here to download

Installing the samples

Run microsoftappautomation-webinar.exe and click the Unzip button to unzip AML sample files to:


Then open each AML sample file in Task Builder or import to Automate Enterprise Repository via the Import options.

**The samples should run without any changes, but you do need to enable macro support in Word, Powerpoint, Access and Excel.

Samples Included:

  • MSAccessMacroSample1.aml – Run sample Microsoft Access macro via ActiveX automation
  • MSExcelReadAndWriteToDatabase.aml – Run SQL query from database and write to Excel using Excel actions.
  • MSExcelReadDatabaseTableAndWriteToExcelOpen.aml – Read Excel file with Excel actions and insert records to database.
  • MSExcelSqlQueryWIthMicrosoftDataEngine.aml – Query Excel file using SQL and Microsoft Data Engine.
  • MSOutlookExportSelectedMessages1.aml – Export highlighted messages and attachments from Outlook via ActiveX automation.
  • MSPowerPointMergeSlideDeckContent1.aml – Merge multiple slide decks together using PowerPoint ActiveX automation and convert to PDF
  • MSWordAutomationSample1.aml – Open Word document and save as PDF


These samples as these are webinar code samples, not supported final workflows or tasks. Therefore, please do not contact Automate support about the samples. You accept all risk in downloading and using any of these code samples.

You can reach out to Richard Schoen (the author of samples), Pat Cameron, or your sales rep if you have questions on any of the samples and need assistance.

Try the Sample Tasks

You can run the Microsoft application automation samples with a free trial of Automate or Automate Enterprise.