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Help Your Help Desk Software Solve Its Own Problems

October 4, 2017


Does your help desk or service desk team spend time dealing with password reset requests and other repetitive daily issues? What if these tickets could be created and resolved without any human interaction? Imagine being able to easily set up a service robot to perform the boring and repetitive work normally done by the help desk team.

Watch this webinar to learn about automating your help desk processing. Whether you use ServiceNow, Zendesk, or another help desk automation tool, it’s a critical part of maintaining a positive relationship with vendors, customers, and employees. Help desk or service desk software helps you create tickets, track resolved issues and resolutions, and store team response-time metrics for analysis. It’s time to eliminate the mind-numbing, repetitive help desk and service desk tasks your teams perform daily, and let them focus on the bigger issues that need resolution.

In the video, our experts talk about ways to:

  • Generate, receive, and process help desk tickets automatically
  • Reset user passwords automatically
  • Generate new users in Active Directory as they get onboarded
  • Remediate system or virtual machine outages

You'll be able to start thinking of ways to save time by automating your daily help desk and service desk processes. Your vendors, customers, and employees will thank you.

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