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Many businesses use Sequel to generate electronic reports, dashboards, and other business output they can use to analyze critical business information in real time. Often these data sources contain metrics that are updated on-the-fly, such as shop floor order status information or customer order and shipment data. How nice would it be if you could not only capture real-time data from your Sequel dashboards, but you could also eliminate the need to collect that data via paper-based forms in the first place?

Join automation expert Richard Schoen and Heath Kath, Senior Data Access Consultant at HelpSystems, as they discuss how you can start to capture key business data and metrics information real-time via a web browser using Sequel and Webforms.

Learn how to:

  • Enable your Sequel dashboards to capture real-time data entry
  • Convert any paper-based form process to a digital form process, allowing you to capture data online without re-keying
  • Turn a web form into a pixel-perfect PDF document for printing or distributing to vendors, customers, or employees

You’ll see how easily a Sequel dashboard can be enabled to capture data from an online form to streamline your data entry processes. See for yourself how Sequel and Webforms give you the competitive edge you need to thrive in today’s fast-paced business environments by automating data capture.


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