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AS/400 Report Deployment for Remote Users



Many organizations are facing the challenge of supporting a remote workforce who continue to access your system to gather business intelligence data and run reports. But you might be working harder than you need to deploy AS/400 reports remotely.

It is a painful process to make Query/400 reports available via a web browser. But you can simplify the process! Never be in the situation again where you can’t provide your business users with key information no matter where they are working—in the office or remotely.

Watch now and you’ll discover a tool that is easy to install, has a short learning curve, and delivers quick return on investment: Sequel Data Access. With Sequel, you can deliver data to business users in way they have never seen before.

You’ll learn:

  • Two ways to quickly convert Query/400 to SQL
  • Export tips for taking data from Db2 and other databases into Excel
  • How to allow users access to data in dashboards from a browser

When the business world returns to normal, your organization will be ahead of the game when your users can access information internally or externally with a browser. IT saves the day—again!

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