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Application Monitoring from Every Angle

How to monitor your core business applications running on IBM i


Today’s organizations mix legacy IBM i applications with Java- or web-based solutions and use Db2 on IBM i as the back-end database. These modern applications are sending signals to your system from all sides. Many pop up in your message queue while others appear as log files in the IFS. Some are more subtle, like a slowdown in remote communications, a spike in disk growth, or a batch job gone bad.

When your application is in distress, do you know which way to look?

Watch this webinar to see how Robot has application monitoring covered from every angle. With dashboard views, automated recovery actions, escalation options, and mobile alerts, you can easily keep an eye out for those telling application messages, system resources, and performance values. Our experts will demonstrate how Robot allows you to:

  • Establish baseline activity
  • Escalate ODBC/JDBC activity abnormalities
  • Allow focused monitoring of critical objects, jobs, and storage
  • Create customized, SQL-based monitors

When your core application could be going down, don’t be the last to know.

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