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7 Misconceptions About Automation

Ignore the Nasty Rumors and Set the Record Straight
IBM i, Windows, UNIX, Linux, AIX, Mac OSX


Worried that you might automate yourself out of a job if you help your business implement a workload automation and scheduling system? No way, Jose!

This is one of the most common misconceptions about automation. But after 30+ years of helping users automate their computer systems, we’ve seen it simply isn’t true.

What other rumors have you heard about automation?

Take 30 minutes to hear our automation experts set the record straight on top automation misconceptions, including:

  • Monitoring alone is automation
  • Built-in schedulers are good enough
  • Implementation time just isn’t worth it

If you have doubts about tackling an automation project to improve your computer processing, watch this on-demand webinar and do an about face. You’ll see why automation tools really are a lifesaver.

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