On-Demand Webinar

7 Critical Reasons to Automate Handling of IBM i Spool Files

Free yourself from the day-to-day manipulation and lost reports that take too much of your time


If you’ve ever regenerated a user’s misplaced report, manually converted and emailed a report, or been told by auditors to take away *SPLCTL, watch this webinar to learn seven ways Robot Reports can help.

With Robot Reports, you can also automate:

  • Emailing reports to customers and vendors
  • Archiving reports to save space and for later recall
  • Hiding sensitive report data without a programmer
  • Sending the total page to the CEO
  • Searching for errors in a report
  • Auditing who has viewed or printed a report

  Robot Reports also gives you secure online access to your spooled files, so you won’t pull out your hair to keep output queues organized!