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60 Minutes to ROI with SEQUEL

See how fast you'll get ROI
November 13, 2015


Your business intelligence software should help you move faster and get more done, but all too often the setup process becomes a major slowdown—hijacking your productivity and delaying your ability to actually get the data you need to make better business decisions.  

It’s a different story with Sequel. Quick installation, simple setup, and easy data access means you can start pulling reports from your IBM i server within an hour of setup.

In this webinar, Senior Data Access Consultant Heath Kath shows you how to see ROI from Sequel immediately. You’ll learn how to:

  • Install Sequel
  • Import Query/400 definitions
  • Add runtime variables
  • Export and distribute data to text, PDF, and Excel

Spend just 30 minutes with us and see how quickly Sequel allows you to access live data when and how you need it, helping you dramatically increase your productivity.


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See how quickly you'll get ROI with Sequel. 

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