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6 RDi Tutorials in 60 Minutes

See how the experts use Rational Developer for i for modern RPG development


In order to modernize your RPG code and bring IBM i applications development into the 21st century, you also need to modernize your application development environment and move away from PDM/SEU.

Rational Developer for i (RDi) is the only editor from IBM that fully supports all that today’s RPG can do. But that’s not the only reason to move from the green screen PDM/SEU editor to RDi.

Don’t miss this recorded webinar where RDi evangelists and educators Susan Gantner and Charlie Guarino provide a quick, hands-on tutorial for six of their favorite features in RDi, including:

  • RDi overview
  • Basic LPEX
  • Advanced Editor tools
  • Code navigation
  • Compiling
  • Debugging

HelpSystems will also share a sneak preview of the roadmap for upcoming RDi features.

The future is integrated development environment (IDE) tools like RDi. It’s time to move away from green screen tools and deliver truly modern applications faster than ever.

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