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5 IBM i Monitoring Pain Points (and How to Solve Them)

How to achieve end-to-end monitoring without adding to your to-do list
November 8, 2017


You arrive at the office to find your inbox overflowing with end user complaints. It takes half your day to find and fix the problem. Just when you’re about to start your trusty checklists, your boss stops by to request a system report. She also asks you to pull some numbers that would support the hardware upgrade she’s been hoping for, which takes the rest of your day. Sound familiar?

IBM i is amazing, but it’s not perfect. Just because the system runs reliably most of the time, that doesn’t mean that your applications will never give you grief. Take 30 minutes to hear how Robot Monitor has helped hundreds of your peers on the platform handle their worst monitoring headaches, including:

  • Accessing historical data to establish baseline activity levels
  • Determining which workloads are consuming the most resources
  • Verifying the status of critical objects, jobs, and storage
  • Seeing IBM i and VIOS partition performance side by side
  • Producing requested system reports on time

Robot Monitor has you covered from end to end. This highly configurable monitoring tool is your color-by-number kit to easier system, application, and performance monitoring. Simply add your expertise to identify where the workloads are running and let Robot Monitor do the rest.

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