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5 IBM i Message Management Pain Points (and How to Solve Them)

How to skip the fluff and go straight to your critical exceptions
January 23, 2018


You arrive at your desk only to find that the system has been waiting on a message from last night’s backup. While fixing that, your CIO stops by and wants to know why the subsystem and associated jobs that serve your website aren’t available. The minute she leaves, someone calls to complain that their report hasn’t arrived…and you resort to DSPMSG QSYSOPR. Sound familiar?

IBM i is amazing; it will even post a message to let you know when nothing is wrong. But bad data, application issues, and device malfunctions might be buried beneath all that A-OK fluff. Take 30 minutes to hear how Robot Console has helped thousands of your peers address their worst messaging headaches, including:

  • Keeping programmers in the loop after answering a file increment message
  • Responding to system messages when no PC is available
  • Checking (and fixing) job, subsystems, and job queues manually
  • Spotting system errors that don’t require a response but can still stop your system
  • Knowing immediately when a user profile becomes disabled

Don’t let firefighting be your status quo. Robot Console helps you proactively automate and escalate issues for single or multiple partitions with a single GUI interface. It can also tell you what happened last week—even after QSYSOPR has been cleared! Simply add your rules and let Robot Console do the rest.

See for yourself—watch now!

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