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5 IBM i Job Scheduling Pain Points (and How to Solve Them)

How to get consistent processing, organize your workflow, and do more with less
February 28, 2019


Each night, you cross your fingers that end-of-day processing will run smoothly. But the next morning you arrive to find that Sales hasn’t received their reports, Finance says their general ledger has not been updated, and warehouse inventory is out of sync. Now, you’ll spend your day searching for what went wrong while business users sit and wait for you to firefight these problems. Sound familiar?

Job scheduling seems so simple, until something goes wrong. Even the smallest change to the CL program that runs your day-end processing can echo throughout your business.

Take a few minutes to hear how Robot Schedule has helped thousands of IBM i shops like yours better manage their batch environment and eliminate scheduling headaches, including:

  • Visualizing the upstream and downstream impact of adding a job
  • Receiving alerts when jobs don’t perform as they should
  • Using job and file events to trigger dependent processes
  • Holding, skipping, or starting a job from a remote location
  • Incorporating file transfers between IBM i and other servers

Robot Schedule really does simplify job scheduling. It automatically and reliably runs millions of IBM i, Windows, Linux, and AIX jobs for organizations all over the world every day, and even makes it easy for IT teams to convert from the native IBM i scheduler.

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