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4 Ways to Use Your IBM i Data in Excel

Get your IBM i data in Excel.
April 17, 2018


Your organization uses Microsoft Excel for just about everything, right?

Business users often prefer to access, analyze, and report on data in Excel. The problem is that traditional IBM i data access tools, like Query/400, don’t play nicely with Excel. And if you try to force it, it’s a long, slow, and cumbersome process.

Give the people what they want: IBM i data and Microsoft Excel.

Watch and you’ll learn how to:

  • Download your IBM i data to Excel in a single step
  • Use an Excel Add-In to directly access IBM i data
  • Use an Excel workbook as a data source
  • Quickly deliver data to business users in Excel through a browser or via a scheduled job

Plus, you’ll see a demonstration of how Sequel Data Access makes it easy.

Ready for your Excel revolution? 

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