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4 Ways to Keep BI from Overwhelming IT

How to prevent scope creep when implementing business intelligence


Your organization has begun talking about a business intelligence (BI) project. The business users have been asking for more and different data. But IT is already stretched thin and you’re concerned about bandwidth. How do you help your organization move forward without burning out your IT team?

The key is to simplify. Use a single solution that can collect data from your Db2 for i database and remote databases. Make sure it’s easy to install, easy to learn, and easy to see a quick return on investment.

Watch now and our experts will show you how Sequel software for data access and business intelligence ticks all the boxes for keeping your BI project in scope. You’ll learn how to:

  • Skip writing expensive code or using Query/400 queries to access valuable data
  • Tap into and share data on non-IBM platforms, including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and more
  • Build dashboards to compile and track KPIs
  • Deploy insightful, actionable dashboards through a browser

See how Sequel makes it possible for your IT team to deliver the valuable data and insight that users have been asking for without taking focus away from your other crucial functions.

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