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3 Easy Ways to Deliver Data the Way Users Want It with Sequel

September 27, 2016



“Sequel helps us automatically deliver data to the people who need it.”—Kevin Varner, IT Project Manager, Houston Orthopedic and Spine Hospital

Business users need information. Some want a high-level summary of key business information. Others want information in a specific format and a tool they are comfortable with. And IT is often charged with delivering that information to those users. Too often, that leads to a huge backlog of endless requests.

Not anymore.

Sequel helps IT to quickly deliver data to users the way they need it. The IT backlog disappears. And users get the data they need right away—instead of waiting in a queue.

Watch the webinar to learn how to:

  • Stop running the same query multiple times
  • Deliver easy-to-interpret data in dashboards
  • Give users data in the format they already know and love—Microsoft Excel

With Sequel, IT staff can knock out requests for information faster and deliver data directly to users.

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