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2021 Business Intelligence Week


Day 1 | Sequel Directions & What’s New

With Sequel, we strive to develop and refine a modern data access and business intelligence tool for your organization. Today, thousands of customers worldwide count on Sequel for access to the data they need when they need it. During this session, Sequel software experts bring you up to speed on the latest features and enhancements, including improved overall dashboard performance, updated Dashboard Designer menu options when adding new objects, a new way to submit Client Reports without relying on old Windows servers, and Sequel development roadmap for 2021 and into 2022.


Day 2 | Training Session: Viewpoint in a Flash

Providing business information can be time consuming. What if you could offload some of that responsibility to the decision makers and data users? You can, with Sequel! You won’t lose control, and it requires minimal effort to get the users up to speed. During this session, our product experts share basic training tips for Sequel Viewpoint, including how to run existing objects, Template Designer, View Builder, Excel Add-in, and Client Table creation and use.


Day 3 | Strategy Session: Dashboards

Your data is only as good as what you can do with it. Dashboards are a clear and effective way for IT teams to empower business users with the data they need in order to make strategic business decisions. Graphical dashboards are intuitive, organized, and easy to digest. Plus, they make it easy for users to see a high-level summary or drill down to the unique details they need. During this session, our data access experts discuss the strategic value of using dashboards for technical and non-technical users alike, including how to build impactful dashboards, different types of dashboards you can build, best practices for charts and graphs, detail data vs. summarized data, and how to get started with dashboards in Sequel.


Day 4 | Training Session: Sequel Designer Tips

With Viewpoint, creating your inquiries is a snap. But are you taking advantage of every feature that can make your life easier? Join us to discover tips and tricks aimed at improving your Viewpoint experience. During this session, our product experts share advanced training tips for Sequel Designer, including custom library list, favorites list, view display font sizes (defaults and saved with objects), customized output total feature, customized output Format Layout (General, Grouping, Style Editor, Column Editor), and Auto-Join.


Day 5 | Strategy Session: Data Warehousing

As your business data grows and gets increasingly complex, it’s difficult for IT teams to manage, control, and distribute accurate and meaningful data. Incompatible data field types; poor performance due to growing data; complex data, record, and file structures; and chaotic reporting environments are all challenges to overcome. During this session, our experts demonstrate how you can integrate, prepare, and cleanse your data using a data warehouse alongside Sequel Data Access software in order to deliver reliable information to end users when and how they need it. You’ll learn how to recognize and avoid data pitfalls, present and distribute strategic information in a timely, meaningful way, and understand why these two components are a winning combination for IBM i customers.







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