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2020 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results Revealed

Find out how IBM i shops are using the platform in 2020


IBM i is one of technology’s best-kept secrets, with little information available about what IBM i users are doing on this server. Even companies that use this technology struggle to explain to their own teams what IBM i stands for and who else is using it.

The IBM i Marketplace Survey—now in its sixth year—was designed to solve this problem.

Watch this recorded webinar where we reveal the results of the 2020 survey! You’ll also gain exclusive insights from a panel of IBM i technology experts on year-over-year trends and new data points, including:

  • Is IBM i in the cloud adoption growing?
  • Will security or HADR top the list of most pressing IT concerns?
  • What does the IBM i development scene look like?
  • Are shops expanding their IBM i usage?
  • Does IBM i have a better ROI than other servers?

Our expert panel includes IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington from HelpSystems, IBMers Alison Butterill and Ian Jarman, and Timothy Prickett Morgan from IT Jungle.

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