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2019 State of IBM i Security Study: Top 6 Takeaways

April 11, 2019


Real-world insight into the deployment of IBM i security controls is rare. What people say they’re doing for doing for IBM i security is often wildly different from what they’re actually doing.

But each year, Powertech audits the security controls deployed on hundreds of IBM i servers, providing impartial data around seven configuration categories:

  • Network-initiated commands & data access
  • Server-level security controls
  • Profile and password settings
  • Administrative capabilities
  • Public accessibility to corporate data
  • System event auditing
  • Anti-virus protection

The results of these audits are compiled in the annual State of IBM i Security Study. In this webinar, we dive into key results from the 2019 study and examine what the new data tells us about future of this OS.

IBM i Champion Tom Huntington joins security experts Robin Tatam and Sandi Moore for an insightful discussion about what organizations around the world are doing to protect this platform. You’ll also get practical tips about what you can do today to improve IBM i security.

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