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15 Work Management Tips in 30 Minutes

IBM’s Dawn May dishes the dirt on how to get the best performance from your IBM i workload
July 27, 2017


While IBM i is a platform of profound reliability, we know we can wring even better performance out of our system by being smart about how we manage the workload. IBM has made this easier for us over the years by releasing new work management capabilities in IBM i updates and PTFs.

In this rapid-fire webinar, IBMer Dawn May lists the top work management tools that help you control and configure your IBM i partitions for diverse workloads, including:

  • New workload groups
  • Better inactive job management
  • Improved management for when job tables get full
  • More control for when jobs reach their storage or CPU limits
  • BONUS: IBM insider secret tips!

We’ll also share a live demonstration of Robot Monitor for real-time application, performance, and system monitoring of IBM i and VIOS.

It’s time to manage your workload smarter, not harder.

Watch now to keep your system in top form!

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