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10 Lifechanging Features in Robot Schedule

Favorite features that have helped our customers realize ROI
September 27, 2018


Every IT team manages critical jobs and processes that support end users. But only strategic IT teams use automation to ensure that business runs smoothly—and still make it home in time for supper.

For decades, strategic IBM i (AS/400) professionals have relied on Robot Schedule to run their business and automate their systems and partitions. Using their favorite features, these IT pros have changed their work-life balance for the better and single-handedly positioned their organization for growth.

In this short recording, IBM i automation experts Tom Huntington and Chuck Losinski demonstrate the top 10 features of Robot Schedule that have helped organizations around the world realize significant returns like these:

  • White-Rodgers saw an initial ROI of 242%
  • Lamps Plus cut 20 hours of overtime each week
  • Knoll saw 99.98% of jobs end normally out of 984,209 executions
  • Bank of Stockton automated 95% of their runbook within 2 months
  • Farm Credit Bank of Texas has been lights-out for 10+ years

If IBM i runs your organization, rely on Robot Schedule to run your IBM i.

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