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One of the Best Ways to Know How a Solution Works Is to Listen to Customers

That’s why Software Reviews annually collects independent evaluations and compiles them into the Robotic Process Automation Data Quadrant Report. This year more than 110 reviews were collected across the entire survey from real end users—verified and analyzed for authenticity—comparing six of the top RPA solution providers to establish an unbiased view of the product landscape.


And here’s the exciting part: HelpSystems Automate was ranked by our customers as a top-rated RPA solution in the market.

The same is true on G2 Reviews for Best Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software. HelpSystems Automate was rated by authenticated users as a High Performer—scoring a 4.6 out of 5 across all reviews.

Throughout this guide, we will highlight what real users of HelpSystems Automate are saying. See for yourself why more than four out of five customers say they LOVE our automation solution and an incredible 100 percent say they plan to renew. Trust us, you don’t have to take our word for it.


We Measure Up When It Comes to Capabilities


We Measure Up When It Comes to Capabilities

Our RPA solution ranks first in five of 11 Vendor Capabilities Categories in this year’s Software Reviews Report. And we ranked in the top three across all 11 categories. For overall Vendor Capability, HelpSystems Automate scored 83 percent—five percentage points above the category average and ranked second overall among providers.

For our five first-place wins among all RPA providers, HelpSystems Automate ranked at 87 percent satisfaction for Breadth of Features and Usability and Intuitiveness, and 85 percent satisfaction for Ease of IT Administration, Ease of Data Integration, and Quality of Features. Each of these customer rankings were at least eight points above the category average.


Findings from the 2020 Software Reviews Report are validated on G2 as well. Users rate HelpSystems Automate as easiest admin, easiest to use, and fastest implementation for RPA software. We really are thrilled by these rankings and understand this recognition represents a major endorsement of excellence by our customers.


What Else Do Users Love About HelpSystems Automate?

Get more insights into the value our RPA solution provides. View additional user reviews on G2.

We Deliver the Best in Product Features


We Deliver the Best in Product Features

Our Automate software provides five times more value than other RPA solutions with no-code automation and unrestricted bots. And we’ve worked really hard to build the type of features that enable organizations to prove this value in their business. So when it comes to overall product features based on the Software Reviews Report, HelpSystems Automate scored 80 percent—three percentage points above the category average and ranked second overall among RPA providers.

Within the mandatory and standard product feature categories of this survey, our RPA solution also ranked first in four categories and second in four categories. That’s eight out of 11 total categories where we were in the top two. 

For our first-place wins, HelpSystems Automate ranked at 90 percent satisfaction in Central Deployment, 89 percent satisfaction in Unsupervised Launch and Code-Free Programming, and 88 percent for Concurrent Work.

Each of these rankings were at least eight points above the category average, showing the range of features where we lead in automation software—and demonstrating our commitment to helping organizations unlock their full automation potential. We are proud that HelpSystems Automate delivers the type of features that empower organizations to solve real problems, realize value faster, scale across their business, and achieve ongoing automation success.

We Do What We Do to Empower Customers


We Do What We Do to Empower Customers

Because their success is what defines our success. HelpSystems Automate offers unparalleled value in the market, enabling organizations to increase productivity, improve accuracy, streamline business processes, and eliminate the challenges of scalability. Customers repeatedly rank our solutions as essential to their own success and build strong emotional connections to our products. And once they start using HelpSystems Automate, they don’t want to stop.

How do we know? Based on the Software Reviews Report, 92 percent of respondents said HelpSystems Automate is critical to their professional success. And 85 percent say they LOVE our product. Even more telling, 100 percent of customers say when it’s time to renew, they will stick with us.


But the good feelings don’t stop there. Based on recent G2 Reviews, Automate provides tangible ROI and users are most likely to recommend our solution. A solution that creates value and comes highly recommended? Now that’s something to be proud of.


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