HelpSystems Digital Rights Management + Managed File Transfer

HelpSystems Digital Rights Management + Managed File Transfer


The Problem

Sharing information has always come with risks. These risks can include hefty expenses  to mitigate a data breach, loss of customer and trading partner trust, compliance regulation penalties, and more. 

Today’s organizations share data in a variety of ways, with many people, as they collaborate and do business. All  this sharing happens in complex hybrid IT environments, and at an unprecedented pace. Increasing privacy regulations, industry compliance standards, as well as human error, workflow bottlenecks, cumbersome or outdated systems, and a lack of system integration can all leave organizations, and the information they need to protect, vulnerable. 

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Organizations who want to protect their data, finances, and reputations must enable robust, integrated solutions to successfully address these challenges and protect data not only while it is being transferred and shared, but also wherever it eventually lands. 

The Solution 


Securing documents in transfer and at rest with managed file transfer (MFT) is an important step to protecting the data vital to your organization, trading partners, and customers.  

HelpSystems’ GoAnywhere MFT can automatically do the heavy lifting of moving files securely. Adding Vera digital rights management (DRM) takes protecting that data one step further along its journey.  

As part of HelpSystems suite of security products, GoAnywhere and Vera can work in tandem to help organizations gain more control and protection over their sensitive data – defining exactly who has access to their encrypted files anywhere they travel and at any time.    

Paired Solutions for Data Security 

With MFT and digital rights management tools in place, organizations can address common data security issues:  

  • How to securely and efficiently transfer files, outside and inside an organization 
  • How to protect or control files once they are transferred with MFT  
  • How to revoke and control file access for authorized individuals, wherever the file travels  

Comprehensive data protection requires solutions that can be integrated and deployed quickly, with minimal impact on internal resources and productivity. GoAnywhere and Vera are easily integrated for optimal adoption by users.  

Vera DRM adds significant value to the file transfer capabilities of GoAnywhere MFT because of its ability to continue the protection of files beyond the file transfer process. Sensitive files are protected automatically by default as they land in MFT and are ultimately shared outward.  

Common use cases:   

  • Sending batch outbound file transfers and restricting their access to only those people/partners with a certain email domain   
  • Sending files in Secure Folders via Secure Mailwith the extra Vera encryption protection provided when a recipient receives it   
  • Sending large files via Secure Mail with Vera encryption and access control protection included   
  • Tracking documents, even when they go outside of the organization and granting or revoking access at any time    

Vera and GoAnywhere together offer:  

  • Integrated file transfer, encryption, and rights management for total file protection  
  • No installation necessary for the end user  
  • Default protection for sensitive files as they land in MFT and are shared outwardly  
  • Easy compliance with a full audit trail end-to-end

Why Choose HelpSystems for MFT and DRM?

More than 9,000 customers around the world rely on our data security solutions to automate their security administration, build secure environments, and reduce system vulnerabilities. Our solutions will simplify and scale security across your organization and our services will provide guidance on how to improve your security controls and our experienced support team will be there to help put our solutions to work for you.




GoAnywhere and Vera


Secure, Protect, and Manage  

Our managed file transfer and digital rights management tools secure and protect sensitive data through its entire life cycle, everywhere it travels, no matter its size, who has it, or where it’s stored. We help you protect confidential data at the point of its greatest vulnerability— when it’s being used by others, and while it travels outside your perimeters into unmanaged domains, devices, and applications. We do this by attaching encryption, security, and policy directly to the data itself, giving security practitioners and IT teams the power to control it, no matter where it goes. 

Let Us Help Protect Your Data with MFT and DRM

Ready to add layers of protection to your data security defense? Contact us today.

See the Benefits of Pairing MFT and DRM Today

GoAnywhere MFT and Vera digital rights management – both part of the data security suite from HelpSystems – work together to improve your cybersecurity stance. Share critical information inside and outside your organization with an unprecedented level of management control and security.

  • A third of breaches in 2021 were due to insider threats (Source: Forrester) 
  • Cybercrime costs the world more than $1 trillion annually, a 50% increase from 2018 (Source: Help Net Security) 
  • Even as cyber investment rises, the painful reality is that data breaches rise, too. (Source: Security Boulevard) 
  • By 2025, 60% of organizations will use cybersecurity risk as a primary determinant in conducting third-party transactions and business engagements. (Source: Gartner) 
  • CISOs cite data visibility as their biggest cybersecurity weakness – and digital transformation as their biggest initiative. (Source: HelpSystems Research)

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