Why Network Monitoring is Cost Effective

August 19, 2016
Network monitoring software can save money for your business

Enterprise IT infrastructure has become more complicated as organizations have moved to support mobile devices and around-the-clock services delivered over the Internet. With so many servers and other appliances in play, it can become easy to overlook imbalances in how these assets are being utilized.

For example, one server may be handling too many workloads at one time, but an IT administrator wouldn't necessarily know that was the case unless a monitoring solution was in place. Even with the move to the cloud, enterprises have a significant amount of data on-premises (IDC has estimated that more than 60 percent of it will never go the cloud), and network management software is crucial for knowing how each IP-enabled device is functioning. With the knowledge of what is over- and underutilized, IT can make better decisions about how to manage their assets and, ultimately, save money.

Improve Asset Utilization and Lower Expenses

One of the main benefits of network monitoring software is that it helps you to reduce business costs by making fuller use of existing hardware, software, and personnel. There have been shifts in the ways that IT departments spend money recently, which has put pressure on network operators to do more with fewer resources. It is more critical than ever that IT departments are able to maximize asset utilization.

One such shift in IT spending is that enterprises are holding back on equipment upgrades. Instead, they are diverting these funds toward pay-as-you-go cloud services. Additionally, widespread discounts on servers, routers, and switches have also contributed to reduced outlooks for spending growth; research firms Gartner, IDC, and Forrester all lowered their outlooks this year.

The bulk of IT expenditures right now is on application development and cloud, and only about one-third of companies plan to ramp up investment in network infrastructure and hardware, according to a pair of surveys from Spiceworks and CIO. With these limited budget increases, the time is right for cost-effective but richly featured and scalable network management software that can identify anomalies and potential issues before they cause trouble.

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How Network Monitoring Helps Lower Business Expenses

There's plenty that can go wrong on a typical company network. A switch might be overwhelmed with traffic, or an unauthorized device could gain access to sensitive assets. These issues can lead to downtime, which results in lost business opportunities as well as potential consequences for reputation.

Accordingly, network monitoring saves money because it reduces the risk of such incidents. To automatically discover and visualize devices with network monitoring software like Intermapper means that you know about network issues as soon as they occur and you can resolve these issues before your users or customers are affected.

Even with changes in the way IT departments are allocating their budgets, it is clear that network monitoring is a cost-sensitive way to protect your network’s assets and save valuable time and money that can be used toward other important IT goals.

How do I calculate ROI from network monitoring?

Find out how network monitoring software saves you time, cuts costs, and quickly realizes ROI through helping you reduce outages. 

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