Where Can You Put RPA Bots to Work?

Automate Your Entire Organization from Front Office to Back Office with Digital Workers
November 9, 2020

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Transform the way your business operates with robotic process automation (RPA). By empowering your human employees with a digital workforce, you can boost productivity, improve accuracy, and help your organization grow. If you’re looking to scale throughout your entire organization, here’s a glimpse of how—and where—you can put RPA to work to streamline your most tedious, manual processes.


Finance Department

  • Regulatory Compliance & Reporting
    Use automated data capture and manipulation to create necessary regulatory reports and audit trails to support compliance.
  • Financial Review Preparation
    Connect and automate data movement from systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP and more to help easily prepare executive reports.
  • Standard Journal Entries
    Let a digital worker enter and move data from your ERP to create standard monthly journal entries and perform validation analytics.
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
    Create pre-populated forecasts using historical and market data to create variance reports to compare with real-time results.


IT Department

  • Help and Service Desk Management
    Automate ticket creation and routing processes in ZenDesk, ServiceDesk, Jira and more for faster resolution to common help desk requests.
  • Network Automation + Remediation
    Restart failed devices or services, perform backups, reconfigure devices, and generate reports to ensure your network is running optimally.
  • Software Installation and Updates
    Use RPA bots to keep critical applications up to date with automatic download and installation of updates on designated servers and user machines.
  • Role-Based Security Management
    Automate user profiles and setup to easily process new and high-level user requests as well as managing the password reset process.


HR Department

  • User Provisioning
    Automatically use new hire data to create accounts and credentials on applications like Active Directory to simplify the employee onboarding and offboarding process with RPA bots.
  • Employee Benefits
    RPA can simplify payroll processing and benefits management in ADP and other applications to streamline pay periods, open enrollment, time-off requests, and more.
  • Employee Data
    Manage employee hire, transfer, and termination data as well as cleansing data for status, name, and other changes to keep records up to date.
  • Learning and Development Administration
    Automate talent management systems to review employee certification status against requirements and notify employees and managers of certification compliance.


Accounting Department

  • Accounts Payable Processing
    Digital workers can deliver fast and accurate payment processing by extracting PO information, entering transactions to your AP system, and automating bulk payments.
  • Accounts Receivable Processing
    Simplify credit approvals, customer master file maintenance, order processing and routing, cash receipts processing, and late payment notification with RPA.
  • Invoice Processing
    Use machine learning and artificial intelligence alongside RPA to streamline steps like document classification, data entry, and document analysis for intelligent invoice processing.


Sales + Marketing Departments

  • Report Generation
    Let RPA bots bring together CRM, BI, and marketing automation tools to automatically create dynamic reports.
  • Website and Forms Monitoring
    Ensure your website and important forms are always accessible by using an RPA bot to automatically monitor for critical errors and informing stakeholders if anything is down.
  • Social Media Automation
    Automate Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more to manage accounts, pull data, and schedule posts.


Customer Service Department

  • Call Center
    Use RPA bots to pull up and enter account and order information, and update or close tickets to your CRM to help reps focus on the customer during calls.
  • Customer Emails
    Automate structured customer emails to trigger workflows that handle supply requests and reorders.
  • Escalation Management
    Create automated workflows to route and escalate claims to ensure no customer request is left behind.
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