What's New in IBM i Security?

August 21, 2016


Dating back to the days of its technological predecessor, the AS/400, the IBM Power Systems server and associated IBM i operating system have enjoyed an enviable reputation when combined to form one of the most secure platforms on the planet. 

But I publicly object to the use of the word “secure” as it implies that all of those impressive security controls come preconfigured. (Spoiler alert! They don’t.) Nonetheless, it’s a reputation that is well-deserved overall.

While even IBM i’s basic security controls remain under-utilized by customers—a woefully bad situation reported on annually in Powertech’s popular State of IBM i Security study—IBM has not been resting on its laurels for the past two decades. Quite the contrary! 

With every release of the operating system, IBM has enhanced functionality—including in the security infrastructure—to keep the server relevant. But unless you are a glutton for punishment, chances are that you’ve not studied every line of the new release documentation. 

To help you out, I scoured the internet and compiled a summary on IBM i security enhancements for 7.1 and for 7.2.  

Next, take advantage of a customized security assessment by a certified auditor to determine if you are making use of what’s new, as well as validate the state of security measures that should have been implemented all along. Powertech’s popular and comprehensive Security Scan is fast, painless, and identifies risk levels in six important categories. The confidential findings are yours to keep without cost or obligation.   


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