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June 27, 2016

For those who have difficulty using the data in spool file and text reports, HelpSystems has a solution. You can unlock the data trapped in iSeries reports and text files with the our spreadsheet conversion tools. With our software, you can easily download iSeries reports and text files, extract their data and output the information into spreadsheets, databases and other useful file formats. Formats includes Microsoft Access and Excel, HTML and XML tables, delimited text, dBase and nearly 40 other files types.

With these tools, you can quickly and easily mine data from iSeries spool files, mainframe reports, data dumps, and virtually any type of text file.

Simple and Effective

If you’ve become frustrated with downloading and using critical business data due to the limitations found in spreadsheet programs and other applications, you could benefit from our software. It gives you the tools needed to pull data from complex multilevel reports and forms generated from any application on any platform. The software unlocks the data trapped in page and section headings, multiple detail lines, total lines, footers, summaries and more.

Easy to Use

With the software’s intuitive, point-and-click interface, you select just the data you want. Choose from a specific column of data, a row or sections of report. Slice and dice the data in any way you want. A wealth of features are provided to give you complete control of the import process.

How it Works

For example, you can extract only rows that contain the words “ACME Company” or only rows where the amount is over $10,000. You can even pull data from a footer, such as a total line, and put it on the lines above it. Or, take data from a section heading and put it on the lines below it. The software neatly extracts all of the data, rearranges it and places it into spreadsheet columns or database fields that you specify.

The software also recognizes and properly formats numbers, decimals, percentages, dates, times, and the currency of any country. It parses names like “John A. Smith, Jr.” and places the parts into four separate fields or columns. It will even append to an existing database and output to a specific sheet in an Excel workbook.

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