Accounts Payable Automation Benefits

The Top Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation

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How AP automation helps AP specialists
August 15, 2018
Accounts Payable automation produces ROI

There are few things worse than chasing down a paper trail and discovering an invoice does not match the purchase order (PO) ...or that doesn't have a PO at all. Every accounts payable (AP) team member knows this. And dreads it.

In this case, a little automation could make AP a much happier department. Let's walk through a few benefits.

You'll Save $$$

You can shave thousands of dollars off your company’s budget each year when your team by automating AP. Simply replace your paper-based routines with more efficient digital options.

The three top cost-savers in AP automation are

1. Paper

Find yourself making multiple copies of each document for routing and signing and record-keeping? You don't need that in your life.

Send the paper away. Scan and distribute any document without printing a single page. Say goodbye to hard-copy originals as documents and keep data safely backed-up on your company network or in the cloud instead.

2. Employee time

Free up your time and avoid hassle.

There's no need to chase paper invoices around to get signatures. Take the digital route.

Staff can electronically mark, match and route scanned invoices to the appropriate parties for quick approval and payment.

3. Space

Liberate your office, hallways, and closets. Get rid of those filing cabinets filled with POs, packing slips, and payment notices (that you can't find quickly when you need them anyway).

Digital access is reliable and much more efficient. 

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You'll Minimize Accounts Payable Errors

Manual processes are error-prone, and errors cost you.

Accounts Payable automation reduces or eliminates redundant data entry, cutting down on opportunities for errors.

And when all of your info is digitally stored in one place, you have one source of truth to reference and records of the versions of a document.

Ready to Move On with AP Automation?

Once upon a time, workers toiled for hours, balancing ledgers with a pencil, paper, and calculator. As invoices came in, AP staff manually reconciled each invoice against POs and packing slips to ensure the business received the items being billed. It was easy for things to fall through the cracks. 

It's time to take the easy (and secure and efficient and cost-effective) route.

That's where Webdocs for AP can help. It improves data capture and document routing, so your AP business processes are streamlined and efficient.

You’ll process invoices faster and make quicker payments. Plus, the discounts you’ll receive from vendors can turn your department into a revenue producer (instead of a cost center).


A Day in the Life of an AP Specialist

See for yourself how AP automation will improve the lives of AP specialists at your organization. 

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