Tips for Getting the Budget Greenlight on the Network Monitoring Tools You Need

August 19, 2016
Tips on explaining the benefits of network monitoring software

Businesses are always looking for ways to gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced, increasingly globalized world. New software has the potential to offer significant business growth and help organizations stay one step ahead of competitors.

Unfortunately, the implementation of such tools and devices are often widespread within a business network, due to the growth of enterprise mobility and the adoption of mobile-based practices like “Bring Your Own Device.” This expansion and diversification means it’s more important than ever to have in-depth insight into the health of your entire network. That’s where network monitoring solutions like Intermapper can help by monitoring thousands of devices at a time and provide real-time statistics on each and every one.

While most IT departments want technology that increases network oversight while decreasing workload, getting the greenlight for your software budget can be tricky. Upper management is constantly looking to calculate the ROI of any given investment—including software. As an IT professional, it isn’t always easy to propose a software investment to a CIO or CEO in a way that makes sense, especially if the software is too complex or hard to configure. In such cases, senior management may believe that the costs of training and deployment for the software might negate any expected ROI. Because of this reason, IT departments are wise to seek out solutions that are easy to justify and deliver tangible results.

There are many ways a flexible, reliable network monitoring tool like Intermapper can benefit your organization. Here are just a few reasons that can be useful when explaining your case to upper management.

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Centralized Monitoring Improves Productivity

A business network can be a vast thing—particularly these days. The typical enterprise network is now one with many different elements scattered across physical space. A company, for instance, may have its data center in one country, its headquarters in another, and remote workers spread out across the globe. This globalization of enterprise technology increases a company’s visibility and output, but it also can be problematic for IT workers if the network is not centrally managed.

Automated Monitoring Prevents Problems

As the network of your enterprise grows larger, the idea of having your IT team manually monitoring and tracking assets becomes less and less feasible. Manual assessments are costly and time-consuming—and they can easily fall short of being comprehensive. Intermapper, however, takes care of this problem by offering continual automated polling to manage your network performance, from devices to servers, to ensure that everything is working smoothly. Oftentimes, it can be a single slow machine in a corporate network that causes a ripple effect leading to major downtime. Intermapper eliminates this problem by automatically and expediently polling every device in a system to ensure optimal functionality. Through sending queries and measuring response time, Intermapper also tracks servers and provides immediate alerts if it finds one that isn’t operating correctly. Automation is the best proactive measure for maintaining network integrity because it identifies potential issues before they become major problems. 

"When an issue arises, remote monitoring sends an alert so that IT administrators are able take immediate and necessary measures to ensure that the issue does not result in diminished productivity and downtime," WIRED contributor Kornelius Brunner states. "Without remote monitoring, an issue might go unnoticed for days or weeks, resulting in a costly and large-scale problem."

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Minimal Maintenance Frees Up IT Budget

One of the great virtues of a tool like Intermapper is the minimal maintenance it requires on the user end. After deploying a network oversight solution, companies can sit back and reap the benefits of the resource—from network mapping to monitoring and management. What the minimal maintenance also allows for is the evolution of business IT, since companies suddenly find that their IT teams have both more time and money at their disposal. In this way, network performance monitoring can help pave the road for more effective IT, including a team that's focused on business-critical tasks. 

Visibility Increases Network Awareness

If you're adding devices and other technologies into your business network, you need to ensure that they are being actively monitored so their value can be demonstrated. This is the value Intermapper provides. By monitoring a business network in real time, Intermapper is able to generate a dynamic network map displaying desired IT infrastructure. Part of this picture involves data collection from all the equipment being monitored. Through the historical trend analysis and strip charts that Intermapper provides, companies can have a clear idea of network traffic, router and server data, and other useful information on all of the devices in their network. Possessing this information is vital to illustrating ROI on a particular tool or technology. 

The Proof is in the Product

Getting a technology budget approved can be a slow process. Besides describing to management the return on investment, they also want to see tangible results. Providing a visual representation of the solution you want to implement will not only help you procure the tools you need, but also further strengthen your recommendations for improving your current infrastructure. With Intermapper, you can not only provide a visual of what the network currently looks like, but also pinpoint how and where the network needs improvement.

With these benefits on the table, it's clear why companies flock to Intermapper for a network monitoring solution that improves IT functionality while saving users time and money along the way. Intermapper is affordable and easy to explain to upper management, while still being powerful enough to deliver the results they desire.

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