System Consolidation Features Using Robot Browser Interface

June 27, 2016

Free to licensed users of our other products, Robot Browser Interface is available to help you consolidate Robot product information into one interface. Though it does not provide the full functionality of our other interfaces, Robot Browser Interface does give you a convenient way to work with more standard tasks such as answering a system message, looking at job completion history, and reviewing a job log—all from a browser-based interface.

For instance, multiple systems can be accessed in this one interface for these products:

  • Robot/REPORTS: View, print, un-archive, search, PDF, and download spool files
  • Robot/SCHEDULE: View the job schedule list, completion history, job logs, and the Good Morning Report
  • Robot/NETWORK: View and reply to system messages and other statuses
  • Robot/SPACE: View ASP usage, Good Morning Report, and thresholds history
  • Robot/ALERT: Send messages to Robot/ALERT email, SNMP, and text devices


Custom Portal Page

The browser interface is hosted on a Windows server or on your IBM i server. You then point your browser at the IP address of this server and port 8008 (this can be modified). Initially the end user signs into the interface with their IBM i user profile and is authenticated back to an IBM i system. They will then be presented with a custom Portal Page containing the Robot “portlets” they are interested in seeing. This is completely customizable and managed by an administrator. Note that there are two systems listed on the screen below.

Figure 1 – Robot Browser Portal Page with all available Robot portlets


The Robot Browser tool was initially created to view reports distributed from Robot/REPORTS. You can view the most recent copy or archived versions of your reports. There are options for searching, printing, and downloading a report to a text file. You can add and view report notes from this interface. You can also centrally view all instances of Robot/REPORTS on all your IBM i systems or partitions in one place.

Over the years, additional Robot portlets were added to the tool and now you can use it for viewing and working with data from all the products listed above.

Figure 2 – Viewing a report and PDF option


Robot/SPACE Disk Monitoring

Looking for a central location to review your ASP and IASP usage information for your entire network of IBM i servers? How about centrally reviewing the Robot/SPACE Good Morning Report listing your top libraries, directories, objects, stream files, and their growth from any of your collections since the last time your ran your collection group? What about thresholds exceeded for the last 3 months? With just a few clicks the information is at your fingertips.

Figure 3 – View Robot/SPACE ASP statistics for all your systems in one place


Robot/NETWORK Consolidated Status Center

Are you using Robot/NETWORK to consolidate the monitoring of all your IBM i partitions or systems into one “pane of glass”? Access the Status Center through Robot Browser Interface. Acknowledge statuses, answer messages, and review Good Morning Reports to get statistics on the number and severity of escalated issues.

Figure 4 – Acknowledge and answer messages centrally from the Robot/NETWORK Status Center


Robot/SCHEDULE JSL and Completion History

See your job schedule list, completion history, and even override a job (hold, DO, etc.) from Robot Browser Interface. Review job logs for terminated jobs as well.

Figure 5 – Job Schedule List and override options. View job logs and completion history, too!

If you have never taken a look at Robot Browser Interface for accessing information from your Robot products, please take the time to download it from our website.

The product is easy to install:

  • Requires installation of a library on your IBM i
  • Requires Portal Servers software to be installed and configured either in Windows, UNIX/Linux, or native IBM i.