Streamline IT Task Management with Task Supervisor

IBM i, Windows, Linux, AIX
December 6, 2016

IT departments of all sizes are constantly tasked with reducing costs while simultaneously having to deal with more servers, disparate platforms, and in many cases multiple data centers. Automation plays an increasingly major part in IT operations with many repetitive tasks and known responses often handled by specialist software. But there are many activities that either cannot be automated or are not suitable for automation.

Check sheets, run books, calendar reminders, and to-do lists are full of items that you and your team have to remember to do on a particular day or at a specific time. What happens if you miss the deadline for a critical manual task or check?

IT Task Management

Task Supervisor minimizes the risk of missing critical tasks that could affect service levels while giving you total visibility and control. It provides a centralized, web-based location for all your manual tasks.

Task Supervisor is designed to handle both repetitive and ad hoc nature tasks assigned to either individuals or to groups. You can also link documented procedures to Task Supervisor, ensuring that those responsible have all relevant information at hand in order to complete the task.

Alert Escalation

In Task Supervisor version 4.0, you can optionally raise alerts for overdue IT tasks on Enterprise Console, bringing them to the immediate attention of you or your team. Notifications can also be configured to provide proactive warnings via email, SMS, visible alerts, or audible sounds so that no task is missed.

Further layers of escalation can be applied to notify team leaders or management of overdue IT tasks, ensuring that critical activities are completed on time. This shared visibility allows team members to cover each other over holidays, vacation time, sick days, or in response to an unexpected event so that business can continue without disruption.

With the Enterprise Console mobile apps for Apple and Android, you have the ability to integrate manual task management with other monitoring and automation all while on the go.

Report Templates

Management reporting has been enhanced in version 4.0, increasing flexibility and making it easier for you to determine how many IT tasks are outstanding and what percentage were completed on time.

It’s also possible to generate historical reports depicting how long tasks have taken and whether they were completed successfully or not. All management reporting is template-based, so it’s easy for you to generate on-the-fly reports in seconds.

Task Supervisor also gives managed service providers an easy way to provide evidence of services delivered by documenting every task and the time it took to complete. The built-in report templates help to prove the effectiveness of managed services to clients.

Additionally, since Task Supervisor is platform agnostic, it can be used in any IT environment and can even extend to include tasks across the whole organization, such as administrative functions, facilities and building management, humans resources, and more.


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