Realize ROI with Robot

Robot has a reputation for providing high-quality systems management software and backing it up with great support. These additional benefits can help you justify the cost of automation at your company.
March 31, 2020

Scale Without Adding Staff

As your business grows, what’s the plan for IT? Do you work longer hours? Hire more staff to monitor the server? Turn to an outsourcer who has the technical expertise or can provide the required services for less cost?

Labor is expensive, but not having the tools you need in order to be productive is even more expensive. You don’t want an inefficient operations team to be the reason your business decides to outsource IT.

With automation software, you can keep IT in-house, optimizing the staff you already have while scaling along with your business. Robot provides systems management software that grows and expands with you, so you’re working smarter not harder to keep abreast of critical resources. You can allocate existing staff to projects that have a bigger impact on the bottom line and increase their productivity by moving from manual monitoring to more efficient, automated systems management.

Reduce Time Spent in Training

Typically, companies that invest in Robot solutions achieve a high degree of automation, up to and including lights-out automation. HelpSystems is the single vendor that develops all of the Robot products, so your learning curve decreases—and your company enriches its initial investment—as you add to the automation of your IBM i server.

HelpSystems also supports its software better than anyone else in the business. The expert technical support team for Robot has years of experience working with companies from a variety of industries across the world; we’ve heard it all and know how to answer your automation questions.

We spend more time helping you find creative job scheduling solutions than we do troubleshooting software problems, which means you spend less time waiting on the phone. Plus, we answer nearly 80 percent of questions on the first call.

Integrate to Build Automation

Think of Robot systems management software as automation building blocks. Your company may start with a job scheduling solution. Then, as your environment changes, you may discover you need a performance monitoring or backup solution.

These additional building blocks seamlessly integrate with the automation software you already own, making it easier to automate your servers. For example, Robot networking software knows about events from our backup solution, which makes it easier to monitor and automate backups. Plus, you already have familiarity with the tools, the support team, and vendor.

Because of regulations and cost-of-business factors, your contracts and procurement team feels the impact every time you bring a new vendor into the mix. With Robot, you save money by dealing with one vendor instead of many.

Avoid Audit and SLA Penalties

How do you know if you’re about to or have already missed a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? What is the cost? Your company might miss an important order if you don’t recognize that the server is not running 100 percent of the time. Sometimes there are penalty fees that your organization must pay. On top of that, don’t forget to factor in the cost to your career.

There’s no reason you should put your reputation—or your job—at risk when Robot solutions can automatically let you know if something happens in your processing, making it easy to meet your crucial SLAs.

Similarly, Robot helps with expensive regulations and time-consuming audit requirements by providing history and reporting data, as well as audit reports, automatically. If your IT group is audited, simply provide the auditor one of our many auditing reports to show how well you manage and monitor your data center.

Choose Right the First Time

When making an investment in automation software, there’s no point in selecting a solution that can’t come through for you and allow you to actually shift your focus to spending time on more important problems.

The decision to buy this kind of solution may have seemed like a sound strategy for saving money at purchase time, but six months later your IT manager might be wondering how he got talked into a solution that his team has to babysit.

You don’t want to be stuck constantly verifying that your new solution is running or sitting on support calls with concerns that your choice can’t handle the workload for which it was intended. You certainly don’t want to waste more time implementing a second solution when the first one fails.

Robot solutions are industrial strength—they won’t desert you when times get tough. Our significant software development experience means you get reliable, hardworking products that will serve you 24/7.

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