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New Updates for Automate 9 Now Available

Posted on February 27, 2015

Version 9.0.5 is now available and address various issues that were introduced in previous versions. It has more than 60 corrections that include a roll up of 20+ patches for 9.0.4. This release supports logon/unlock functionality for Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2. It also corrects the crash in Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2 when trying to delete, export or disable tasks in Automate 9. You can find a complete list of the fixes below.

This is a recommended update for all of our Automate users. To find the latest version for download, please visit:



3783 AMTS: amta logs are not populating on some localized versions of windows
4152 FILE SYSTEM (READ FROM FILE): not all the bytes (characters) are read or written as expected 
4233 AMTB (IMPORT STEPS): import steps imports functions without their parameters
4262 GET EMAIL: 2013 to and cc fields don't work in filter
4283 ON ERROR: Include the function that a step has failed on within a task as well as the step #
4288 AMTB: amtb crash when opening a step that has a long expression in the isnewerthan/isolderthan attribute
4290 AMTB: FunctionName field is missing from the Object/AMError folder in Expression Builder
4317 BPA_TS: "task had its execution interrupted, but is treated as completing successfully (ignored errors: execution stopped)" error message
4337 FILE TRIGGER: trigger passwords are not being encrypted in the .atl file
4338 BPAS_EXEC: file trigger passwords are not being encrypted in the database
4351 BPA_TS: "A problem occurred while initializing the Automate 9 Task Interpreter: Failed to get data for 'Comment'"
4353 AMTA/SMC: window trigger gui missing components below the action drop down menu
4396 BPAS_EXEC: workflows/tasks appear to be hanging under the smc execution status tab
4397 BPAS_MAN: "There is already an open DataReader associated with this Connection which must be closed first." using mysql datastore
4405 BPATASKCM: unable to execute .aml files with bpataskcm.exe
4410 BPA_TS: agent may crash if machine is under heavy process or network load
4456 AMTS: cpu utilization spikes when another application is connecting to LegacyTCPPort
4463 BPAS_EXEC: unconnected flow control connectors will result in "hung" workflows in the execution status pane
4469 SMC: No status indication when loading data for Workflow Trigger report -v9
4471 BPAS_EXEC: "System.Runtime.CallbackException: Async Callback threw an exception. ---> System.TimeoutException: The HTTP request to..." error message
4518 AMTA/SMC: "Please close all instances of Task Builder opened before trying to close Task Administrator." message with no amtb process
4529 BPAS_EXEC: "There was an error connecting to the specified database. Please check your connection string for correctness." with an oracle 11g database
4599 BPAS_EXEC: secondary server does not refresh schedule trigger updates from primary server in failover scenario until after 2nd next launch date/time
4731 AGENT INSTALL: Installing an agent via deploy or the agent.msi will add a check for "Allow service to interact with desktop"
4733 BPA: Condition: Behavior: Evaluate condition immediately is not working.
4734 BPA: Condition:  Behavior: Time out after does not work
4902 SHAREPOINT (ADD LIST ITEM): Not able to add a list item to sub folder created in List
5006 INTERACTIVITY: Cannot find specific Thunder objects
5131 SMC (EXECUTION STATUS TAB): Queued Tasks do not display in the Execution Status
5152 SNMP (WALK): causes amtb and/or amtask to hang or cause an access violation
5153 SNMP: octet string values are not displaying properly in the dataset
5160 ON TASK ERROR: The value of 'Attach task file' is always true in the Task Properties
5223 AMTS: task service crashes after deleting a task from amta in windows 8.1 and windows server 2012 r2
5265 AMTS: windows 2012 r2 & windows 8.1 logon "(step#-1) task could not start because the specified interactive session could not be located."
5270 DATABASE MIGRATION UTILITY: Migrating from BPA8 to BPA9 strips out special characters.
5293 FILE SYSTEM (SYNCHRONIZE FOLDERS): "exact copy" option deletes all contents of destination location before copying all contents from source location
5302 GET EMAIL: "Get email failed (Error : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.)" error message with a specific email
5340 GET EMAIL (EWS): "GET MESSAGE" Expected result for %dataset.BodyHtml% does not populate
5342 WEB SERVICE: Proxy were not getting generated propery when import warning was thrown
5346 AMLOGON: does not support standard security screens
5347 FTP: Logon is not working because of PWD command.
5348 FTP: Sftp server needs authentication to be in specific order (PublicKey then Keyboard
5349 EMAIL (GET MESSAGES): Not storing outlook item attachment to file.
5350 XML (TRANSFORM): dropping UTF-8 Japanese characters
5351 XML (VALIDATE): Schema Validation was not throwing error properly
5352 FILE SYSTEM - Concatenate files does now work with large files...
5353 RUN : Startmenu throws exception on some windows 64 bit OS
5354 PGP (DECRYPT) : Empty file encrypted with PGP sometimes gives error Unexpected end of data
5355 DYNAMICS CRM (CREATE ENTITY): Not working with Look up value
5356 SMC: Clicking on Task->Properties->Details causes SMC to crash with large repositories
5357 EXCHANGE (CREATE) : One can not store appointment into Public Folder
5358 New conditions not triggering until server is reset
5359 Agent exclusion periods not working properly
5360 SMC: Cannot use domains in active directory logins
5361 TRIGGER (SCHEDULE): triggers not firing when using Oracle as backend
5369 WFD (FILE CONDITION - USERS): Providing "Use this user" information and clicking "Update" generates a "NullReferenceException".
5370 EMAIL (ACTION PROPERTIES - SERVER): "Discover" option does not auto-discover server "Version". 
5371 SMC (REPORTS): "Task Execution Chart" and "Workflow Execution Chart" generate a "Method not found Void" error when "Go" is pressed.
5384 DATABASE MIGRATION UTILITY: Migrating from BPA8 to BPA9 causes utility to crash on Windows XP.
5391 WEBSMC: Help link is going to version 8 online help.
5417 AM UNINSTALL: uninstalling an expired version of AM leaves amem.exe running in memory and in the system tray
5426 WEBSMC: Change copy-right and Image logo
5427 BPA INSTALLATION: When installing to a foreign SQL Instance, no tables are created.




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