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New Security Options in Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise

IBM i, Windows, Linux
June 27, 2016

It seems like we can never offer too many security options in the applications we deliver to the market, and Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise is no exception. This solution helps you build an IBM i-centric schedule for controlling batch processes and monitoring across IBM i, UNIX, Linux, and Windows—all controlled from your most reliable system, IBM i.

Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise installs agents on the other servers which allow Robot/SCHEDULE to launch and monitor scripts executed on these servers and then run the next step on IBM i or somewhere else. The agents can monitor files and processes such as a service or daemon locally or in the network.

Secure the Agent

When you have different staff members that need to access jobs on the different servers running the agents, you may want to keep these staff members separate as they work with different applications across your enterprise. Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise helps you secure the agent.

Each agent has a new feature that allows the overall administrator of Robot/SCHEDULE to assign team members to work with jobs on specific servers. Maybe you have a Windows administrator that works with only Windows agents and a Linux administrator that works with the Linux servers. You can now prevent the one admin from looking at or modifying jobs on the other server.

Perhaps your Robot/SCHEDULE administrator creates all jobs for all servers but you want your Linux and Windows teams to be able to drill into log information or see the results of running their jobs. The new security option in Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise allows you to secure access at the agent level for your different application teams.

Save Time Setting up Profiles

We also announced additional security changes that deliver an easier way to set up your jobs and run them under one user account (profile) on the agent. This works differently for UNIX/Linux and Windows agents:

  • Windows agents can run jobs under the same name that the service runs under as the agent starts up. With this enhancement, you no longer have to enter a password or user into the individual jobs or the agent environment, saving time and eliminating interruptions.
  • For UNIX and Linux jobs, the SETUID command is executed behind the scenes to achieve a similar result for jobs that run on these servers. Again, the benefit is that you no longer need to enter passwords into the job or agent environments on these servers.

Here’s the takeaway point: Your systems are still secure and your job just got a little easier! After all, automation is all about improving your quality of life when running computer operations. Try these new enhancements in your environment today or try Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise free for 30 days and see how easy and secure cross-platform job scheduling can be.


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